Consulting Services

Our consulting services consist of areas of expertise designed to assist business owners, key-employee management, and businesses.  These include:
Executive Wealth Management Reviews:
Increase Key-Employee Loyalty
Improve Key-Employee Job Satisfaction
Provide Low Cost Approach to Executive Fringe Benefit
Increase Employee Wealth Transfer Opportunities
Minimize Wealth Lost Due to Taxes
Improve Employee Wealth Accumulation Opportunities
Business Financial Insights Advisory Services:
Increase Business Operations Insight
Improve Understanding of Financial Information
Turn Financial Statements into Understandable Language
Greater Understanding of Business Operations
Benchmark Business to Industry
Establish Baseline for Financial Performance
30 Plus Key Performance Indicators
Shareholder-Employee Compensation Advisory Services:
Establish & Document Reasonable Compensation
Baseline Shareholder-Employee Compensation
Avoid IRS Audit Tax Increases
Avoid IRS Penalties and Interest
Defend IRS Reasonable Compensation Challenges
Improve Understanding of Reasonable Compensation
Retirement Plan Review Advisory Services:
Improve Performance and Design of Plan
Lower Total Fees paid by Sponsor or Plan Participants
Document Fiduciary Responsibilities
Design and Fee Benchmarking
Improved Owner & Business Tax Benefits
Increase Deferred Compensation to Owners
Improved Reporting & Administration of Plan
Avoid Audit Red Flags
Improve and Document Fiduciary Responsibility
Informal Business Valuation Advisory Services: 
Provide Peace of Mind
Eliminate Uncertainty of Company Worth
Resolve Disputes Between Partner Interests
Establish Fair Market Value of Business
Identify Additional Sources of Personal Income
Maximize Value of Your Business
Strengthen Working Capital Negotiation
Establish Liquidity Needs of Business & Owners
Identify Key Commercial & Executive Insurance Risks
Some consulting services like our shareholder-employee compensation advisory services can serve a dual purpose and are uniquely designed for business valuation normalization and tax compliance. To find out more about our consulting services feel free to contact us.