Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services:
When providing wealth management services for business owners, the value of their business, is the elephant in the room.  98% of business owners don't know the value of their business.  Business owners spend decades building their businesses and their brand.  Without a proper valuation of their most valuable asset, any financial planning is just taking a stab in the dark.
Your interest in our business valuation services can be as varied as your business.  A business owner might want to establish:
A buy-sell agreement between partners
Gift his or her interest to children or other family members
Bring on a junior partner
Obtain working capital
Acquire another business
Value the business in a divorce case
Fund a shareholder exit
Resolve shareholder disputes 
Establish a value for estate & gift tax reporting  
Estimating the fair value of any business is both an art and a science. There are numerous ways a company can be valued but choosing the right one and the appropriate inputs can be somewhat subjective.  Because of this, working with an experienced business valuation advisor can be critical.  If the business valuation is for 
Gifting or
Estate or income tax purposes or
Transfers to immediate family members or 
Donations to charity or 
Divorce proceedings or 
Litigation, you should consider a professional appraisal.
If you are interested in obtaining an initial basic valuation of your business, click on the following link.  Help me get an idea of what my business is worth!